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NEW * 2017  Party Carnival Games 
*Baseball Toss - Strike 'Em Out Carnival Game*
We've taken the great American pastime and turned it into a simple but irresistible game! Nobody can walk by the Baseball Toss game without giving it a shot.

Throw the baseball into the catcher’s mitt to strike out the hitter. This perfect for your sporting event, birthday party, carnival, backyard party, and more.

 Comes with baseballs. Measurements 7' x 7'

*Lasso the Longhorn 
Carnival Game*
Yippee and Yeee-haw! Longhorn Lasso is a blast! All ages will have a rip-roarin' time trying to lasso the bull's head! 

Rent this as it will be the center of your attraction. Excellent to add with our Mechananical Bull Rental
Comes with an authentic real western lasso and rope rings for the younger children.
  Measurements 7' x 7'

  *Battle the Blaze Carnival Game*

The brave firefighter will battle the blaze by knocking over the flames on this burning building with bean bags, water balloons or water squirt guns.

 Add this Battle the Blaze to your Township Days, National Night Outs, Community Events or School Carnival, Backyard party, and more.
 Comes with bean bags.  
Measurements 7' x 7'
*Pizza Toss Carnival  Game*

Cowabunga, dude!  Our Pizza Toss Game is the perfect addition to any event.  Kids of all ages gobble it up! Players try to toss the plastic pieces of pizza into the hole.  The first to get all of the pieces in wins!  It's totally gnarly!

Add some fun to your next gathering 

Comes with Pizza Slices. 
Measurements 6' x 6
*Sombrero Toss Carnival Game*

 Let go south of the border with this Sombrero Toss. Great for the Ninos
 and just as much fun for adults.
Grab your Amigos and toss the sombreros onto one of the 3 jumping beans characters below. 

Excellent for your next Fiesta, carnival or backyard party 

  Comes with Sombrero hats. Measurements 7'x7' 
*Froggy Fly Fling Carnival Game*

Lets the player test his or her skill by catapulting insects into Froggy's mouth.
The Insect Flinging Fly game is great for kids and adults will love. Catapult the insects into the frog’s mouth.

Rent this for your birthday party, field day, carnival, backyard party and more.

Comes with different insect & Fling Launcher. Measurements 7' x 7'

*Pablo the Porcupine*​​
              Carnival Game*

Pablo the Porcupine Ring Toss game is great game to have at any event. Toss the rings on the porcupines protruding spine. 

Rent this for your birthday party, field day, carnival, backyard party and more.

Comes with different several rings to toss Measurements 7' x 7'

*Penguin Fling*​​
Carnival Game

Children stomp on the launcher, flipping the rubber fish into the penguin's picnic basket. Kids love it!

Rent this for your birthday party, field day, carnival, backyard party and more.

Comes with different Fish & Fling Launcher.

Measurements 7' x 7'

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