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Inflatable Bounce House Rentals 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bounce Rentals

It's easy to rent a bounce house based on price alone
 you can always go scroll through different website and choose the lowest cost in your area. 
 But is that the best thing for your event?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bounce rental company for your event that you may not even realize!
Here are a few things to consider when you start to compare rental companies:
Renters” beware” other businesses are known as “mom & pop’s” will tell you anything to get your $$$$$ often times this is their part time “gig” to place a couple bucks in their pocket.
So many questions? While you might find a bouncer cheaper on occasion, but is it commercial grade? What size is the unit and what are the weight restrictions? Do they deliver and set up the ride? What are the additional charges?  Are they licensed by the state? And have proper #id tags on their rides.


Most Shoppers are SURPRISED when we tell them!!!

All inflatable rides are regulated through the Dept. of Agriculture
Your party/ event is required to be registered with the state of PA, before delivered & set up
The inflatable equipment needs inspected before you can use it
The inflatable equipment needs proper documents to post to the ride?
All inflatable rides need registered with current 2019 metal ID tags attached to the blower/ fan unit
Sure anyone one can tell you “yes” to all the things listed above but can they provide it when a state inspector shows up and shuts down the ride that you just paid to rent or if a child gets hurt because the bouncer was not inspected or staked down properly

Insurance and
Additional Insured

 In Pennsylvania our state requires all inflatable rental companies to have insurance to operate an inflatable rental business.
The first thing you should find out from a prospective rental company is whether or not they are insured.
A company that has made the effort to get insurance has made a commitment to operate properly in Pennsylvania. (Fly-by-night companies don't bother with the expense of insurance)
 Pennsylvania requires all inflatable rental companies to have insurance to operate an inflatable rental business.
Our policy limits are the highest offer in Central PA- we carry 2 million each occurrence over 2 million in personal injury, with an additional $15,000 for accident & health, In Pennsylvania the Dept. of Agriculture only requires rental business owners to carry $500,000 over 1 million.
We carry higher than the state limits & are very committed to doing our very best to keep everyone safe when renting our equipment.
We can request for an additional insured policy for a $25.00 fee per each request.
we only offer the additional insured  if  we are staff/ man all the rides when renting.


Big Bright Bounces has specialized in inflatables for 16 years and offers free delivery for
Lancaster, York, Harrisburg & Reading & surrounding areas.  
We arrive between 1 to 2 hours prior to your event start time to set up.
        We are very flexible and can work with you, if your event need set up prior to that time frame. 
All inflatables will be inspected after set-up has been completed.
We do not allow are equipment to be picked up by the customer renting it. 

Cleaning & Maintaining 

Bounce houses get really dirty - they are outside in all types of weather! 
Big Bright Bounces cleans our equipment on site, prior to your event time. Unless the equipment has been cleaned before we deliver.  
Sometimes it is necessary for us to clean it prior to delivering the units.  
Depending on where the units were before your special event.  The driver has been informed before loading the equipment whether it has been cleaned or will need to be cleaned.
(See photo cleaning/ dry outs)
Bounces are active places full of little people bouncing against the floors, walls, and pillars in hot conditions - often face first and loving it! You want to feel secure that the surfaces they are coming into contact with are clean and germ-free.


Attendants/ Staff

Big Bright Bounces offer staffing for your next event, we are the “ONLY” company that requires our staff to have child care clearance & criminal background checks. 
Rate is $25.00 per hr. in Lancaster County 
Rate is $30.00 per hr outside of Lancaster County 
Minimum 3 hrs. to book our staff 
When comparing Apples to Apples we are "TOP" notch with who we hire!
Our staff goes through extensive training on all of our inflatable rides.
Often times other companies offer staff to man the rides “cheaper” but why? Other companies do not have the resources or desire to work this industry full time. They are renting bouncers out of their home garage & finding anyone last minute to supervise the children.
We have seen ads post on social media of other rental companies seeking workers to help "THAT" day!
 this mean NO training & NO Safety! 
                           You are over charged and the staff watching your ride is under paid 
                          Disadvantage is most are teenagers or younger manning the rides.
                                    They have had no formal training or knowledge how to operate the ride


We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover & Amex- Checks & Cash 

 1/2 is required to secure the reservation and the remaining amount is due 1 week prior to your event date. 
Once the reservation has been made we will email your rental agreement & CC slip, our rental contracts are electronic and easy to sign online.
All other customers-(Church, School, Corporate) Big Bright Bounces requires half the amount to secure the date and the remaining amount is due 1 week prior to your event date. 

Cancellation Policy & Inclement Weather

If inclement weather is in the forecast, you must CALL the night before by 7pm to cancel your reservation.
A small percentage of rain we can still deliver and set up. You cannot use the equipment when it is raining, you must shut down and reinflate when the weather subsides.
Wipe the inside out to before you allow anyone to use the equipment. 

If our equipment is LOADED and you cancel your event we do not refund. 
If cancelling (due to weather) we will refund 80% of the total back to you and the remaining 20% stays on credit for any future events. You may use your deposit at a future date.
There is no expiration date to use your credit on file with us.  
Refunds are issues within 10-14 business days 

If cancelling for any "other" reason the deposit is non-refundable. 

We are very easy to work with and can make exceptions due to inclement weather.
You can schedule your event with a rain date, however if your inflatable is not available on the raindate you may pick another ride in our inventory that is similar to what you had reserved. 
We have an extensive inventory and can accommodate almost all requests. 
BBB follows 

Electrical Power 

  This will depend on what you are renting, if renting just a standard bounce house you will need an outlet within 100-150 feet of where the bouncer is set up. Standard 120V outlet.  When reserving your inflatable equipment we will ask detail questions about your power source.
Big Bright Bounces will inform you during the booking process of exactly what electrical power you will need to run the inflatables.  If you would like to add a generator there is a charge for the usage. 
We will deliver the generators with the inflatable units and supply enough gas for your entire event time.
We will provide all the electrical cords for your event. 

Set Up 

You'll need a relatively flat area at least 3 – 5 feet bigger all around the size of the inflatable.  It's best to make sure you have enough room ahead of time by measuring or at least walking off the area so that you don't have to rearrange your plans at the last minute. If looking to place an inflatable inside you will need to know how high the ceilings.
Upon reserving your equipment we will need to know if the inflatables are being placed indoors, or on grass or asphalt.  If inflatables are placed on a grass surface we will stake them down.  If the inflatables are being placed on asphalt or indoors we will sand bag the corners.  
The area you are considering should be free on debris, before we can set up Big Bright Bounces will ask you upon booking your event if the inflatables are being placed indoors, or on grass or asphalt.  If units are placed on a grass surface we will stake the units down.  
If the units are being placed on asphalt or indoors, or any other surface we will sand bag the corners.  
This will incur an additional fee of $25.00 per each inflatable being set up.  

Please note that at any point in time if you change the location of asphalt or grass we will need to know before the driver is schedule to leave our facility.


Why doesn't Big Bright Bounces not listed prices online ? 
We has over 100 Inflatables in Inventory if listing our prices online it would be numerous amounts of information on our website, we try not to over crowd the web page to make it user friendly. The prices are different per event time frame & location needed to reserve the equipment.
Rental times offered are 4, 6 and 8 hour prices in different cities.
Many of Big Bright Bounces customers have special requests for times outside of the normal rental time frame listed above, so we work with every individual request separately.
We do not charge one customer one prices and another customer something different; the prices are based on your location and special needs.
Please don’t hesitate to fill out the price quote information or call us.