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Choosing a Moonwalk Rental Company

Questions to Ask and Things to Consider, Please take the time to read this important information.

It's easy to pick a moonwalk company based on price alone - you can always go through the phone book and choose the lowest cost provider in your area.  But is that the best thing for your event?
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a moonwalk rental company for your event that you may not even realize! Here are a few things to consider when you start to comparison shop:



The first thing you should find out from a prospective rental company is whether or not they are insured.  Moonwalk (inflatables) rental insurance covers liability in case of an accident where the moonwalk company is at fault.  It does not typically cover injuries or minor accidents that happen while the inflatables is under your supervision.  So why should you care?

A company that has made the effort to get insurance has made a commitment to a safe operation.  It shows longevity (fly-by-night companies don't bother with the expense of insurance) and a concern both for your safety and the long-term success of their own company.

In some states (but not all) insurance is required by state regulations.  An inflatable rental company operating without insurance is operating illegally in those states.  In states without regulations, inflatable operators should still be insured.


Big Bright Bounces is licensed and insured in the state of Pennsylvania.
Please note: Per Commonwealth Wealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, all inspections are to be performed in accordance with the Amusement Ride Inspection Act and Amusement Ride Regulations.

PA & NJ has a required state regulations and you should ask all companies when price shopping if there rides are registered and inspected with the Department of Agriculture.  "There are no exceptions."

PA& NJ are two of the strictest states and require current id tags and inspections.  Your event could be shut down if a senior (state) inspector arrives and your set-up is not in compliance with the state guidelines.  Be safe, not sorry....
These guidelines are for all events - private, public, or school.....

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Does your prospective rental company offer delivery?  Is there an additional charge?
Moonwalks / inflatables are heavy, bulky, and awkward to move and setup.  They require proper securing, either with stakes or sandbags and there may be state-regulated minimum requirements on the size of the stakes or the weight of the sandbags.  If you are picking up the moonwalk / inflatables yourself most rental companies will supply you with instructions and have you sign that you that you received and understood them.   (From a question at a PA seminar: Have we done all that we can to assure a safe rental  PROBABLY NOT!)  The state of Pennsylvania through the Department of Agriculture regulates all amusement rides.  These regulations require inspection of the ride by a qualified inspector prior to each use.

In most areas, you can find companies with delivery included or for a small additional charge.  It's not just about the money or convenience, but the safety of your children and their guests.   Consider having a professional set up your inflatable bounce house or slide for your own peace of mind.

Big Bright Bounces has specialized in inflatables for 12 years and offers free delivery for Lancaster County.  We always arrive between 1 to 2 hours prior to your event time.  If your event is outside of Lancaster County, we will give you a free price quote with delivery, set-up, and tear down included in the price.  All inflatables will be inspected after set-up has been completed.
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Bounce houses get really dirty - they are outside in all types of weather!  You will typically find do-it-yourself places or inexpensive operators don't take the time to properly clean and sanitize the bounce, although some do.  Ask about their cleaning policies.

Sanitized?  Yes, this is important.  Bounces are active places full of little people bouncing against the floors, walls, and pillars in hot conditions - often face first and loving it! You want to feel secure that the surfaces they are coming into contact with are clean and germ-free.

Companies that properly clean and sanitize their inflatable units ensure that germs don't spread from one party to the next, not to mention the fact that your party-goers won't go home with black socks!

Big Bright Bounces cleans our equipment on site, prior to your event time.  Unless the equipment has been cleaned before we deliver.  Sometimes it is necessary for us to clean it prior to delivering the units.  Depending on where the units were before your special event.  The driver has been informed before loading the equipment whether it has been cleaned or will need to be cleaned.
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Attended versus Unattended

Many companies will have an attendant who will stay for the duration of your party and supervise the moonbounce - often it's included in the price quoted.  Be sure to ask about an attendant if the rental fee seems high for your area - it could be those extra man-hours that drive the price up or gas prices in your area.  As many event organizers will tell you, it's well worth it!

If the company doesn't offer attended rentals or you aren't interested in paying the extra fees, make sure the driver reviews operating and safety procedures with you before they leave; things like what to do if it rains or gets windy, what to do if the power goes out, how many kids are allowed at a time, etc.  Moonbounces / inflatables are fun and safe, but it's best to be prepared in case the weather changes or anything else unexpected happens.

Big Bright Bounces offers staff members at a rate of $20.00 per hour per person.  Private events are optional, unless otherwise noted.  At any public or school function, attendants are mandatory.  We will ask you about that when you inquire about our service.  Big Bright Bounces has excellent staff members to supervise your event.  We do not operate like a carnival type atmosphere - all of our staff have been through an extensive training seminar.
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Deposits vary by area - in highly competitive areas, you may not be required to send in a deposit.  In most areas of the country rental companies do require a deposit of some sort - a credit card number or a mailed deposit.  This ensures the equipment you want is reserved for the date and time you requested.
Find out under what conditions your deposit is refundable.  How long do you have to cancel?  How are weather cancellations handled?  What about refunds or rescheduling?  

You want to believe your party will go off smoothly.  The reality is that the weather may not cooperate or the birthday child may be sick, or any of a number of things can happen that might cause you to cancel or reschedule.  If a deposit is required, make sure you get it in on time or you may lose your reservation!

Big Bright Bounces requires half down to secure the date and the remainder amount due 1 week prior to your event date.  You will not have to pay the deposit until you receive the contract in the mail.  However we are known to make exceptions for area schools and last minute bookings.  We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  Please note if charging your event, It must be charged in full at time of booking.
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Cancellation policy

Big Bright Bounces requires at least two weeks notice of any change in the time or date of your event.  Cancellation needs to be done at least two weeks in advance.  If you cancel your event, your deposit is non-refundable within two weeks of the event.  You may use your deposit at a future date in the event of any cancellations after the two week prior point.  Any cancellations without rescheduling are subject to a processing fee of 20% of the total amount.

We are very easy to work with and can make exceptions due to inclement weather or not being able to rebook with us in the future.
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Electrical Power

Typically, if you rent a moonwalk / inflatable, you are expected to provide an electrical outlet.  Be sure to test outdoor outlets as they are likely to go bad.  If you don't use them often, you may not be aware they don't work until time for set-up!  Plug a hair dryer into the outlet and let it run at high a few minutes to make sure it can handle the power needed to inflate the bounce.

For events that aren't near an electrical source, you'll need a generator.  Many rental companies have them or can get them for you - if not you can pick one up yourself at a local rental store.  Make sure you know how to operate it and how long a tank of gas will last and have extra gas if you are doing it yourself.

Big Bright Bounces will inform you during the booking process of exactly what electrical power you will need to run the inflatables.  If you would like to add a generator there is a charge for the usage.  Please keep in mind that we also deliver it with the units and supply enough gas for your entire event time.
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Setup Area

Inflatables can't be set up on a slope.  It's just not safe.  You'll need a relatively flat area at least 5' bigger all around than the size of the inflatable.  It's best to make sure you have enough room ahead of time by measuring or at least walking off the area so that you don't have to rearrange your plans at the last minute.

Check for bushes or tree branches in the way and make sure there are no power lines or overhanging branches overhead.

Clear the area of rocks, twigs, pinecones, or other obstructions and check for fireant hills, dog leave-behinds, or anything else that might be in the area.

Big Bright Bounces will ask you upon booking your event if the inflatables are being placed indoors, or on grass or asphalt.  If units are placed on a grass surface we will stake the units down.  If the units are being placed on asphalt or indoors we will sand bag the corners.  This will incur an additional fee:
$25 = 1 inflatable unit
$50 = unlimited inflatable units

Please note that at any point in time if you change the location of asphalt or grass we will need to know before the driver is schedule to leave our facility.

Have Fun

Moonwalks / inflatables are impressive, exciting, and fun!  Your house or business will be the center of attention when the moonbounce is up and running, so enjoy it and get lots of pictures of everyone having the time of their lives.  They'll always remember it and so will you.
We would be happy to post any pictures from your event on our web site, Please email them to

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